The newest list of craft vendors is posted on the Crafters’ page – Click here to see who they are!

From-the-topToday’s rain is a great boon to digging and dividing plants for sale at the 63rd annual First Parish Plant & Craft Fair.

This chilly weather will be a thing of the past by tomorrow, but the damp soil will make digging and dividing your crowded perennials just that much easier for you and for their tender roots.

With decent watering between now and the fair, your donations will be perky and happy in their new pots, ready to tempt our customers.

Please let Jeannie Balfour, Margot Fleischman or Dorothy Africa know what you’re planning to donate, and if you would like to store your donations at your house, or in our ‘nursery’ spaces.

The Plan 1Sandy Boczenowski, the fair’s long-serving craft coordinator, is busy registering vendors for this year’s fair.

Applications for the 2016 Plant & Craft Fair closed on May 9.

Join us on Bedford Common at 10 am on Saturday, May 14!

Volunteers are on Bedford Common this afternoon, raising tents and building the shelves that will hold the plants you’ll want to buy when the clock strikes 10 on Saturday morning.

More to come!

Saturday, May 16 is going to be a Crafty good day once all the tents are in place and the vendors are unpacked.

Click Crafter Listing as of May 3, 2015 to see who’s coming, and check their websites!

Cashiers at the ready as early-arrivals wait for the 10am bell to ring and open the fair!

Cashiers at the ready as early-arrivals wait for the 10am bell to ring and open the fair!

The 62nd Annual First Parish Plant & Craft Fair has a place for everyone:
> Heroes to help with heavy lifting
> Plant lovers and craft aficionados,
> Bakers and cookout champs
> Cashiers and math-wiz-order-tallyers

Whether you’re brand new to First Parish, or have been helping forever,
the time is now!


With thanks for your help,
Jeannie Balfour, Rich Daugherty, Liz Hanegan, Sandy Boczenowski, Julie Turner and everyone on the 2015 Plant Fair Crewe